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Guide to become an Air Hostess Cabin Crew Career Guide

Best Book on How to Become an Air Hostess

Category - Books /magazine

Title : Guide to become an Air Hostess

Cabin Crew Career Guide

Topic : other
Aviation / Pilot training / Flight Training
Cabin Crew Career Guide

Pragati Srivastava [ Air Hostess ]
Capt Shekhar Gupta

Language: English
ISBN: 9781301001965
Price : $ 9.99 / INR 499

Short description

Cabin Crew Career Guide is a Complete Guide to become an Air Hostess. Here's a short review of the book :


1.What does this book talk about

2. Who is a Cabin Crew
3. Profile of a Cabin Crew
4. Searching for prospective employers
5. Air Hostess Training institutes
6. Resume making
7. Preparation for the interview

8. Rounds of the Interview
9. Cracking the tough nut – Interview
10. After the interview
11. Dos and Don’ts of Cabin Crew
13. Cabin Crew Airline Training
14. Safety Training

15. First- Aid Training
16. Service Training
17. Passing the Exams!
18. Acquiring the flying license
19. Flying as a Cabin Crew
20. Traits for being a perfect Cabin Crew

21. Stages In the process of promotion
22. Layovers , Travel and more
23. Career avenues for experienced Cabin Crew members
24. Flying as a Cabin Crew – International Airlines
25. Package of pay!
26. Current trend of the Aviation Industry

Price : 499

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